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Dear South Florida members,

 We hope you enjoy the new strategic alliances we are building in South Florida, in order for our SoFla ASMP Chapter to get more dynamically involved with local events, organizations, groups and companies, hereby branded as the “Friends of ASMP South Florida Program”, which will allow us to develop a stronger visual community, bringing more exposure and visibility to ASMP SoFla, and providing more local member benefits.

In this very first occasion, we have a round of interesting seminars for end of August and early september, coming from our friends from the Hollywood-based Professional Photographers Guild of Florida (PPGF), our sister organization, led by our ASMP General Member, Robert Stolpe.

 and from from Fotomission, a non-profit organization which has dedicated many years to help finding homes and parents for kids in foster care programs, and is now producing a series of seminars and workshops, to gather more funds for such amazing activity. Fotomission was founded and is led by Chendo Perez, yet another of our ASMP South Florida General Members.


The Professional Photographers Guild of Florida, is inviting us for August the 18th at 7:00PM for a seminar about Lighting methods of the glamour era, introducing the Old Hollywood Clock System, and it’s applications to contemporary lighting.
 The presenter is Miami photographer Jorge Parra (current President of ASMP South Florida), and the conversation on the 18th will set the stage for a future hands-on lighting workshop, dates still to be announced.

 All details in the links: 

For the end of August , Fotomission has a seminar on Color Management and Digital workflow, and for early September there is a great workshop on Digital Printing, both of which may be of interest to many in the community. Details on the Fotomission site: -Color Management and Digital Workflow: Saturday, August 28, 2010 from 10:00AM to 4:PM with a break for lunch 

-The Digital Printing workshop: Saturday, September 4, 2010 from 10:00AM to 5:00PM with a break for lunch

Just remember, these are not ASMP events, these are programs created and developed by the “Friends of ASMP South Florida”, who are cordially inviting our membership to get together, interact and learn, in our quest for a better local community. Stay tuned for more information about this program, which will also bring special discounts and offers from local Photo businesses, and more exchanges with other Organizations in South Florida.

We are in conversations with several companies and studios to make them “Friends of ASMP SoFla”, in order to generate additional benefits for our local members.


ASMP South Florida Board

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