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Light of Florida Update

Light of Florida update:

Our talks with the Florida Film Society continued this Monday as Jorge Parra,Paul Morris and myself met to continue discussions on sponsorship. Recent budget cuts from the State have placed a temporary hold on our publication despite the interest and excitement our images have created in Tallahassee.

In July, a new state sponsor will review our project, and together with the Film Society, might consider partnering to produce the type of book with the quality we are all expecting. Several ideas were discussed including a "teaser" version but It was agreed that going halfway was not in our best interests and would not do justice to anyone.

In the meantime, we are pursuing to launch an email quarterly promotion, showing images from LOF that will feature their creators sporting a brief write up from each. It will point to a Light of Florida site, that will show one image from each participant and will link that image to each respective website. Also featured will be our own Find a Photographer . This email campaign will be part of our Find us Here program, something we all need in this time.

Stay tuned for further updates..

matthew pace
president /s.fl.