American Society of Media Photographers South Florida


The Light of Florida goes to China

It is an exciting prospect to share our images of Florida with the Chinese people. I participated in the group show that went to the 2nd annual Photography Festival in Duyun, Southern China. It was a wonderful experience and the show had strong international representation. The headliner from the United States was Ansel Adams, and we had an outstanding group of work from our members. Below are some photos from the 2004 show.

Chairman Mao's Daughter opens the show in 2004

There are obvious concerns about the Chinese lack of respect for copyrighted work and their history is not good on this topic. We can only trust our counterparts at the Chinese Photographers Association to respect our rights and only use the images for prints in the exhibit for which they are intended.

One of the exhibit spaces in Duyun

I would strongly urge anyone who has the chance to go to the show to attend and represent our group in person. It will be a very worthwhile experience and great travel adventure.

The Crew:
Glen McGlaughlin, Jesus Arenguran, Nancy Brown, Tom Salyer, DK and Dennie Cody and Jillen Lippincott

Paul Morris
Morphoto Inc.