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Member Spotlight: David Benoliel Provokes A Feeling

David Benoliel, who recently joined our South Florida chapter after moving to Miami from Paris, is featured in this Member Spotlight, an occasional series of articles introducing the photography of chapter members to each other.

David, who specializes in fashion and still life, reports he discovered photography only a few years ago, and since taking several workshops at the International Center of Photography in New York City on lighting and editing, he's learned the rest of his craft by himself during studio sessions. Working with a Hasselblad H4D, he works with clients in the United States and around the world.


"Fragility" was created for the exhibition "Arts For A Better World" during Art Basel 2010. David created 13 original works depicting beauty and nature. "It was a really exciting challenge and this one represents the fragility of earth getting old (with the white hair)", David says. (Makeup and Hair by Eliut Turin)

David distills his creative philosophy as follows:

"The collaboration of light and beauty is what breathes life into my work, the unique images are produced through my appreciation for strong features and sharp colors. I feel that an image should provoke a feeling and it should inspire or trigger something very deep within the observer. I like to reveal the beauty of each woman's personality and individuality through my photographs."

Model and reflection in mirror photographed for editorial fashion spread.

 David is the owner of AD013 Studio that features shooting space, instruction and a "creative emporium", and is located North of downtown Miami in the Little River neighborhood.


"Cotton dream" was also shot for the "Arts For A Better World" exhibition, in which 40 artists participated. David says that "because the model looked so natural and fresh we decided to go with this mood of clean and pure with a touch of nature in it. The makeup on the lips to accentuate her doll-like innocence." (Makeup and Hair Eliut Turin)


Environment Awakens Through Lush Tropical Light

Scherley Busch is currently exhibiting her latest fine art work “Eco Abstractions- Keeping it Real” in a one woman show at the Coconut Grove Arts Festival Gallery II in Miami. The ASMP South Florida chapter member says "Eco-Abstractions creates an awakening of our environment through a fantasy of vibrant colors, and dramatic abstractions of brilliant sunlight and sensual geography".

The Coconut Grove Grapevine blog notes 
"Exhibiting intimate and fresh color photographic compositions, Scherley uses her camera to “paint with light” as lush tropical tones play against geometric angles and sinuous curves. She also uses Florida’s searing sunlight and sensual geography as her color palette.The exhibit bridges the gap between art and life by raising awareness and appreciation for our natural resources in all its 'abstractions.' "

Also showing  are "Eco Soundscapes", a video and selections from Busch's Black and white colorized infrared images, "Miami DreamScapes" previously selected for exhibit by Art in Public Places at Miami International Airport.

The exhibition, which opened in February, runs through March 21 at The Coconut Grove Arts Festival Gallery, located in the Shoppes at Mayfair,  3390 Mary Street, Suite 128, Miami, FL, 33133.


Exhibit Challenges Teens About Hunger

ASMP South Florida chapter member Benjamin Rusnak last week challenged high school students to think about hunger in their community by exhibiting and discussing his humanitarian photographs during Archbishop Curley Notre Dame's annual HungerFest.

 "After The Chorus" - When asked who knew someone that had died, a chorus of names rose into the mountain air from a group of anxious women. After four tropical storms destroyed their crops, the subsistence farmer of Baie D'Orange, Haiti, waited at a hilltop delivery pint, hoping for aid to arrive. However, that aid was to late for the 40 people who died of malnutrition in late 2008."

The Miami Catholic school is hosting Rusnak's "Dreams and Tempests" exhibit of black and white panoramic photographs he has captured throughout Latin America and the Caribbean while working as a humanitarian photographer with Food for the Poor, Inc., an international relief and development agency.

Rusnak told the students that “working in the tropics, I have often been struck by the irony of people struggling to survive in what should be an idyllic setting. The poor search daily for adequate food, shelter and water under the same sun and palms where vacationers play. And despite their hardships, the poor still have the hope and faith to dream of living in the paradise that surrounds them."

"Rising Up"- Workers in a garbage dump in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, raise their hands when asked if they dream of a better life - one where they wouldn't have to earn a living by sifting through refuse for food and recyclables."

Rusnak told the students how he uses the foundations of solid journalistic story-telling to fund raise for the poor, and how his work depicts poverty in Honduras, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Guyana, and Guatemala.

"Dreams and Tempests" has recently been on display at the World Bank in Washington, D.C., KONA Gallery, CA, and George Mason University, VA and he has spoken about his work to people of all ages including engagements at the University of Florida and University of Central Florida.

"Breathlessly Alone" - A young girl sits tethered to an oxygen tank, alone in a Honduran hospital. Opportunistic infections that lead to respiratory problems are common among children with poor diets or chronic malnutrition."

HungerFest is a yearly event that raises consciousness of poverty and world hunger where ACND students demonstrate solidarity for the poor by abstaining from food and drink, other than water, from Friday afternoon until Saturday evening.  They spend two days bagging lunches with products donated by the student body as well as the community, and deliver the food to Camillus House and the Miami Rescue Mission. ACND is located in Miami's Little Haiti district.

The mini-exhibit of nine five-foot-wide prints will hang in the school's art gallery through April 20, 2011, and may be viewed by appointment at 4949 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33137, by calling 305-751-8367.

Focus Your Passion With Portfolio Therapy

After conducting a successful series of workshops in the "Land of Smiles" better known as Thailand, two South Florida ASMP photographers have returned to Miami to share their professional guidance with interested photographers here.

Bangkok, Thailand © 2010 DK and Dennie Cody

DK Khattiya and Dennie Cody, partners in a new consulting firm known as "Portfolio Therapy" are now planning a series of workshops in our area beginning with the first one on March 19, 2011. It is entitled  "How to Become a Better Photographer" which is aimed at professional, emerging and advanced amateur photographers who are looking for direction in defining their career goals and creating a portfolio that tells their story.

Denny Cody, left,  DK Khattiya, right. © 2010 DK and Dennie Cody

 Dennie and Dk have also been doing "One on One" private sessions with many photographers, both here and in Thailand with success stories which include a newly minted fashion photographer, a new food photographer, an underwater photographer who has a new career shooting resorts and several others who are doing books based on their portfolio analysis.

 Man with 3D glasses. © 2010 DK and Dennie Cody

Their "One on One" sessions focus on finding the passion and pattern in the photographer's work, which will define their best chances for success in the photo industry. Dennie says "most photographers are their own worst editors so we help them see what they cannot and when we make a suggestion, they almost always say wow you are right, I just never realized it before. That is when you know you are making a difference."


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