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“The Light of Florida travels to China”- Deadline approaching

Great news for our South/Central Florida Members!

We have been working on finding the best options and promotion for our great project “Light of Florida” (LOF) which we started last year.

We are happy to announce that we have been invited by..

Qinhai International Photo Art Festival

to submit the Light of Florida Project for a print exhibition in China: the 2010 China (Qinhai) Sanjiangyuan International Photographic Art Festival in Xining —- the capital city of Qinhai province, China.
Date: July 20 to July 23, 2010

Participants in the original project may see the work that was originally selected by our judging panel, http:/

We are invited to submit around 80 images, and that is our goal. So that the LOF project is well represented in the event, you may select up to 3 images from your original submission. We wish to represent the project, with the book is a separate entity.

Now, what do we need from you?

In a main folder named (______your name_________)

(1) We need to gather Hi Resolution files with proper metadata. Image size should be no less than 11x14 inches @ 300 DPI, file format should be JPEG with the best possible compression (10-12). Photographers are encouraged to submit 2-3 Hi Res files from your original submission and/or images that are already present on the website.

(2) A Rich Text Format of your bio named (Your Name/ BIO / Image Descriptions ) a brief 2-3 sentence of your bio,include website or contact info…

EG. # (filename)= Lakeside,Florida..7am..a quiet area where bird lovers find Egrets..
#(filename)= Tarpon Springs,Florida ..10am, where Greeks used to sponge fish but now own restaurants.

These digital files will be delivered to China, to be printed and mounted there (no cost at all for us) for the exhibition. Again, there is no cost for us to run this exhibition!!

DEADLINE: We have a tight schedule for delivery of those files, so please, make this a priority in your schedule. April 1 , 2010 FINAL DEADLINE.

Images can be uploaded via FTP to our server (using programs like Fetch, Cyberdog, PureFtp, or even Firefox). Create a folder with your full name, add your images in that folder and upload it.

PLEASE, remember to add all necessary Metadata to properly identify and protect your work. Any work with no info/contact will be rejected. The Chinese ask for NO OFFENSIVE images…bear in mind respects to their culture.

For those who may need help with metadata information, please visit for full info and details.

FTP instructions:

user name ” asmpmembers “

password ” floridalight ” ****

Note: Do NOT use the quote signs to log in.

Image size should be no less than 11x14 inches @ 300 DPI.


The Festival Organizer will make pictures and mount them for the exhibition. The pictures and CD will not be returned to the sender. The Organizers understand that the copyright belong to the authors. The Festival Organizers have no right to use these pictures without getting approved by the author.

Legal Stuff: (don’t get scared; it’s to cover us and them)

By submitting my images to this exhibit, I am agreeing to having my images printed for exhibition purpose, and also usage as promotion for its purpose by the Festival and promotion by our local chapter. I warrant the I am the original sole creator and copyright owner of the images rendered, that they are not subject to any transfer of copyright to another, and have proper release wherever a release is needed and does not infringe or otherwise violate any copyright,trademark or trade name of another.

I indemnify and hold ASMP, its LOF committee, and the Festival harmless from any misuse by them or by another party. I further indemnify ASMP, its LOF committee, the Festival and its organizers against any expenses (including attorney fees and costs),
judgments, fines and amounts paid in settlement actually and reasonably incurred in connection with any threatened, pending or filed action, suit or proceeding, based on a claimed violation of warranty above.

We will keep you posted on more news about LOF as it appears. We will keep pressing hard on the Book part of Project and take advantage of this exhibit and contacts to do so. We are thrilled to have the exhibition in China becoming a reality, as it will also help us reach our goals for this great project.

Coverage from this Exhibit we will use on our Blog and promote its usage to our email promotion of “Find us Here” reaching out to art buyers, editors, agencies. It will enhance our membership and draw great attention.

There is an opportunity for those of you who wish to attend the festival and also partake in a 7-10 day photo trip organized by the Festival Organization. More info should come soon on the costs… Let us know who would like to attend.

Our deadline for submission of the Project's images is approaching. Please take action now!

Thanks for your prompt cooperation!

Light of Florida Committee